Thai Visa On Arrival - Phuket Visa Run

Thai Visa on Arrival and the Phuket Visa Run

When you arrive in Thailand via any airport you’ll be given a 30 day Thai Tourist Visa on Arrival and entering by vehicle or boat you’ll receive Only a 15 day Thai Tourist Visa. The only exception is if you have a pre-approved Thai Visa by visiting the Thai Embassy in your home country before entering Thailand. Even with some pre-approved visas you might have to do what’s called the “PHUKET VISA RUN“.. if you’re not sure about your Thai Visa options, please feel Free to ask us any questions.  In addition, besides operating this Phuket Visa Run, our main business is the Phuket Visa Law Office located in Phuket Town.

So, if you’d like to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand longer than 30 days, you’ll have to go on what’s called the Phuket Visa Run and there’s 4 options to Extend Your Thai Visa to stay in Thailand.

7 day Thai Visa Extension

7 day Visa Extension Phuket ImmigrationIf you just need a little extra time while visiting Phuket, you can get a one-time 7 day Thai Visa Extension available at the Phuket Immigration Office. This visa extension cost 1,900 THB and will take you only about 30 min. All you need is your passport & fill out the Thai Visa Extension form (available at the front counter). Once this is filled out, see the Visa Information Officers at the front desks (they verify that all info has been provided and often will assist you filling out the form). Once completed they’ll point you in the right direction, pay the Thai immigration Officer and within a few minutes, you will be on your way.

14 day Thai Visa Extension via the Phuket Visa Run to Ranong

Passport Stamp : Phuket Visa Run

If you need a little longer stay in Thailand, the quickest option is the Phuket Visa Run to Ranong, available every day. This is a half day trip to Ranong with general pickup times between 6-7 am around Phuket and we’ll return you back home around 5-6 pm. All you’ll need is your passport (meals & the Myanmar visa fee ($10) are included in our package).

Phuket Visa Run to Ranong view more info…

14 day Phuket Visa Run to Andaman Club/Ranong

A more comfortable alternative is the Phuket Visa Run to the Andaman Club & Casino. We’ll take you directly to a Thai Immigration Office inside the Andaman Club Port (shorter lines & less wait time), then, we’ll take a comfortable & air conditioned VIP Phuket Visa Run Boat directly to the Andaman Club in Burma. After collecting your passport to get a stamp, you’ll enjoy a nice lunch at the Andaman Club. You may then enjoy the casino or walk around for a short time, we’ll then return you to Thailand.

Phuket Visa Run to Andaman Club view more info…

(90 day) Thai Tourist, Non-B or Retirement Visa via the Phuket Visa Run to Penang

Thai Visa Phuket Visa Run

If you’d like to stay longer as a tourist in the Kingdom of Thailand, you’ll need to do the Phuket Visa Run t Penang, Malaysia. This is a 2 day road trip via our Phuket Visa Run to Penang VIP Luxury Mini-bus.  We’ll arrive & cross the Thai Sadao Border at Malaysia around 5am, the full trip will take approximately 10 hours to reach Penang. We’ll take you directly to the Thai Consulate in Penang and submit your Thai Visa Application. After a nights stay in Penang we’ll return to Phuket the following day.

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*Please Book your Phuket Visa Run early (7 days) to ensure a seat and avoid Thai Visa Overstay fee (500THB per day).